• 2022 Member Showcase

    Your business/organization is invited to be part of the "Member Showcase" at the Chamber's next Commerce & Coffee event.

    The Showcase is all about networking, connecting and showcasing Navarre Chamber Members.

    - The doors to St Sylvester Catholic Church open at 6:30 am, and we ask that you have your Showcase Booth Space set up NO LATER than 7:30 am.

    - All attendees will get a list of all the Showcase Participants, and they will be asked to stop by your booth to meet you and have the list signed by your organization. This is a great opportunity to meet face to face with more than 100 business owners and community leaders in the Navarre area, and tell them about your organization.

    - All the attendees will turn in their signed forms for a chance to win your Showcase Prize.

    The Showcase is part of the Chamber's monthly Commerce & Coffee event, and features Navarre Chamber Member businesses and organizations promoting their products, services and/or information with booth displays.

    There is no extra charge to be part of the Showcase, just the regular admission price you pay to attend Commerce & Coffee AND a donation of a Showcase Prize to be given away at the end of breakfast.

    (The Showcase Prizes are separate from the regular Door Prizes. If you are participating in the Showcase - you are welcome to bring both a Showcase Prize and a Door Prize.)

    Commerce & Coffee attendees get to meet fellow Chamber Members, learn more about the products, services and/or information in our area AND have a chance to win some awesome Showcase Prizes.

    If you cannot be part of the March Showcase, please make plans to be part of one in 2022.

    There is limited Showcase Space available, and booth space is reserved on a first come-first serve basis.
    The Showcase Prize will be given away by your Business/Organization at the end of breakfast.