• We're proud to be the Navarre area's only independent professionally run Chamber of Commerce with an office located in the "Heart of Navarre" at 1804 Prado Street.  As we have for almost 50 years, we remain focused on promoting civic and economic prosperity throughout our community.


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    Shopping Service available with no membership fees or delivery fees
    Let Me Shop for You--
    Groceries, Beverages, and Supplies
    Having trouble getting groceries and supplies through the store’s pick-up service?
    Not able to utilize one of the national delivery services? 
    Single mon or a military family with a spouse deployed?
    Don’t want to take your kids to the store?
    Senior or someone with health concerns? 
    I can help with any of these situations! 

    Call me, Text me, Email me your list of needed items.  I will personally shop for you and deliver your items. 

    Local Residents:  NO DELIVERY FEE.  Service Fee based on total grocery/supplies ordered
    Minimum order total of $50.
    Less than $100:  25%.  
    $100 - $200:  20%
    Over $200:  15%

    Cell:  817-797-0870 Email:  GCarter@Organized-Occasions.com   www.Organized-Occasions.com
    Contact Information
    Offer Valid: March 21, 2020April 30, 2020
    Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce