• We're proud to be the Navarre area's only independent professionally run Chamber of Commerce with an office located in the "Heart of Navarre" at 1804 Prado Street.  

    As we have for almost 50 years,

    we remain focused on our mission:

    "To promote civic and economic prosperity

    throughout our community."



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    Sunny Sands Nutrition - Special deal for participants and workers during the 12th annual Navarre Sunset Stampede 5K
    Special deal for the 12th annual Navarre Sunset Stampede 5K
    On Saturday May 01 in Navarre Beach they are holding the 12th annual Navarre Sunset Stampede 5K at 6:30 PM. ⏱ The Navarre Beach Stampede is the largest race held in Navarre Beach, Florida! Proceeds from the race go to support local wildlife efforts! ��
    As always we are looking to support our local community efforts and want to give back where we can. To help support the dedicated runners and participants we are offering our Loaded Sunset Tea ��or a Sunset Hydraid ��at a special price for anyone who comes to the store and shows off their racing gear (shirt��, running number��, or participant wristband��‍♀️). Get hydrated and ready to run your best race! ��
    We will be open from 8AM until 1PM today. Come in and see us before the event and get your favorite drinks! We also offer "4-Later" drinks ⏰you can save for the event! They do not need to be refrigerated and are just as good later as when we make them fresh in-store!
    Best luck to all the participants and we hope everyone has a great Saturday!
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    Offer Valid: May 1, 2021June 1, 2021
    Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce