• Marketing Consultant

    Florida Small Business Development Center at UWF
    Job Description
    • Initiates, establishes, and maintains relationship with media contacts for promoting SBDC programs and services.
    • Coordinates with the local Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Centers, and other strategic partners for collaborative marketing, outreach, and networking in the business community.
    • Creates client success stories and client success videos on a regular basis in order to meet our annual goals.
    • Leads the charge in advancing the brand of Florida SBDC at UWF in marketing activities.
    • Leads innovative social media and traditional media content and posts focused on our target market clients, strategic partners, and stakeholders.
    • Creates content that establishes the SBDC, our business consultants, and our client training speakers as the experts in their fields.
    • Creates exciting content that elicits the desired response from existing clients, prospective clients, strategic partners, and stakeholders.
    • Educate and advise clients on marketing growth strategies through following network consulting policies and procedures.
    • One-on-one advice and consulting to be provided to include: marketing research and plan development; business management and operations; and basic legal issues.
    • Develop educational materials and present educational programs as appropriate.
    • Outreach to educate clients, partners and stakeholders on SBDC services and impact.
    • Contribute to knowledge creation and dissemination through communicating with peers and participating in network activities.
    • Significant networking and alliance building with community partners including Economic Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and other community organizations for the purpose of building client service base.
    • Must be able to work both independently and collaboratively.
    • This position requires successful completion of annual professional development hours.
    • This position will regularly work evenings attending meetings and events.
    • During declared campus emergencies, this position may be required to perform specific job related duties at a designated offcampus location or place of residence.

    Position Qualifications:*
    • Proven experience in marketing, advertising, graphic design, and social media.
    • Strong grasp of English spelling, grammar and punctuation.
    • Self-starter and strong time management skills.
    • Comfortable working in a team environment and networking with community resources.
    • Ability to edit accurately and quickly.
    • Strong public speaking and presentation skills.
    • Ability to prioritize and multi-task.
    • Significant knowledge of marketing, market research, and graphic design.
    • Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication, problem solving, and listening skills.
    • Ability to manage a small client portfolio while performing marketing duties for the SBDC.
    • Strong organizational skills.
    • Proficient computer skills and ability to use the MIS to enter data and generate reports.
    • Must have experience in Adobe graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign.
    • Ability to travel.
    • A valid driver’s license is required, as well as, 20 hours of pre-approved professional development credits each calendar year.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    • A master’s degree in business, finance, accounting, or related field;
    • or a bachelor’s degree in one of those fields and five years of relevant professional experience.
    • Small business ownership/management experience preferred.  

    Applicants are required to attach a resume, cover letter and contact information for three references.

    An opportunity to upload these documents will be provided during the application process.
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