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  • 22 Grants & Assistance Programs for Small Business

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    January 21, 2021
    Our latest Small Business Update on Jan. 19 provided information on the new stimulus bill — including updates to PPP loans, EIDL grants & more. Watch the recording of the event and read key takeaways here
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    Resources & Tips
    Learn about 22 grants, loans & assistance programs for small business.
    Need a helping hand? Here are 22 of them.
    When you know where to look, help for your small business is there for the taking. Read this breakdown of grant programs available to small businesses, and the qualifying factors. 
    Keeping up with the PPP
    The federal Paycheck Protection Program offers forgivable loans to small businesses, but it has been changed several times. Here are your answers to the biggest questions about everything from eligibility criteria to amounts of funding provided.
    Lots of businesses miss these tax credits. Don’t be one of them.
    Explore these commonly missed tax credits to see if there are opportunities to lower your 2020 tax burden.
    “The rule is virtually you can’t get two dollars for the same one dollar of expense.”
    — Neil Bradley, EVP & Chief Policy Officer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, explains the nuances of the ERTC & PPP at our latest Small Business Update
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    Reach Your Customers, Anywhere
    Data shows that TV advertising is one of the consistently best ways to promote your business. With greater reach than social media campaigns, TV ads let you reach customers on their favorite devices while they watch their favorite content — and with Spectrum Reach, these ads are more accessible and affordable than you may think. In fact, you can get started right now.
     Learn More
    The potential per-employee tax credit your business may receive if you meet new eligibility requirements. Read more about this and other reasons why it’s a good idea to hire in 2021.
    The percentage of copyright infringement cases that amount to $120k or less in damages. Before the CASE Act that enacts this year, these cases would have trouble seeking justice. Read this to see how the CASE Act will protect your business.
    The estimated percentage of customers who will try a new product or service because a friend or family recommends it. Word-of-mouth marketing and other steps in this guide will help you revamp your marketing strategy now.
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    Essential Small Business Safety Lessons
    Small businesses may learn a few lessons from bigger companies, like Amazon, that have developed safety best practices in warehouses across the country. Temperature checks, masks, gloves, enhanced cleaning and sanitization, extended pay and benefits options, on-site COVID testing and more — watch highlights from an Amazon warehouse tour for small business owners in Houston and read key takeaways here.
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    Watch the latest Small Business Update here.
    • Startup Good Face Project conquers the Wild West of the U.S. beauty market, cleaning up the beauty aisle as well as our skin with data, science and clarity.
    • Whether you need a workspace, a spot to store that quarantine hobby equipment you no longer use, or you’re the one with room to spare, space-sharing startup Neighbor takes “mi casa es su casa” to the next level.
    • Sometimes an idea says, “Take on me!” and the person with the ideas says, “A-ha!” What results is either an ‘80s hit single or a brand new business. Read about these 5 “aha” moments that resulted in the latter.
    Get answers to your questions about PPP loans.