• A Message From Congressman Matt Gaetz - September 10th

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    September 10, 2021



    Tomorrow, we will be honoring the men and women whose lives were tragically taken by terrorists on September 11, 2001. On September 11, we also recognize the honorable Emergency Services first responders, many of whose lives were also taken on this tragic day. We grieve their losses and the hardships of tragedy encompassing thousands of American families. 

    The United States of America proudly and bravely responded to this day with unity and strength. I hope that each and every one of you can take the time to pray for our fellow Americans, their families, and those who sacrificed for the United States.



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    The latest episode of Firebrand With Matt Gaetz is available RIGHT NOW! In Episode 6, I break down Nancy Pelosi & the January 6Committee’s targeting of Republican Firebrands, slam the vaccine mandates in the military, and review Biden’s collapsing presidency by the numbers. 

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    The partisan Department of Justice (DOJ) is now being ordered by Joe Biden to sue Texas over a law he claims to be "in defiance to the constitution." Texas's Heartbeat Act was co-authored by 11 pro-life women in the state legislature who do, in fact, support the U.S. Constitution. The Act protects unborn children with beating hearts from death in the womb. The "pro-science" Left is unsurprisingly practicing a double standard: they oppose the Heartbeat Act, which reflects the scientific reality that unborn children at six weeks are human beings with beating hearts who deserve to live. Again, an unborn child's heartbeat can be detected by six weeks. Now, the baby-killing Left thinks that 6 weeks between conception and a heartbeat is not enough time for their abortions. What a disgrace.


    President Biden is now withdrawing the nomination of radical anti-gun lobbyist David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. After praising Chipman, a radical who rejects principal elements of the 2nd amendment, Biden now says, "Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress have made clear that they intend to use gun crime as a political talking point instead of taking serious steps to address it." What a terrible way of admitting that Chipman was a terrible choice. I predicted this uphill battle for the Left in Episode 4 of Firebrand with Matt Gaetz, noting that even Senators Angus King, Jon Tester, and Joe Manchin are likely to reject this nonsense appointment. 

    At this time, we must continue to monitor who Biden's next crazy pick will be. 




    I am proud of the Floridian students who won the nation's highest awards at the annual SkillsUSA Workforce Development event. Over the summer, more than 3,700 students competed at this national showcase, demonstrating their technical, workplace, and personal skills. Through SkillsUSA's championships program and curricula, experienced employers have long ensured schools are teaching relevant technical skills to create opportunities and to keep the American Dream alive!

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    Fox News — September 9, 2021

    Biden violating his campaign pledge, 'politicizing' DOJ to do his bidding, legal experts warn

    Reason— September 9, 2021

    There's Little Rationale for Masking School Kids, but Teachers Unions Are Demanding It 
    RealClear Politics — September 8, 2021

    Dems' Slander of Pro-Lifers In Texas Is Obscene

    The Spectator — September 8, 2021

    The smoking gun on Anthony Fauci?


    Newsweek— September 9, 2021

    McCarthy Faces Backlash From Anti- and Pro-Trump Republicans as He Aims to Become Speaker

    "How can the GOP Conference trust him [McCarthy] to go beyond talking tough to Pelosi when he won't even stand up to @Liz_Cheney or @AdamKinzinger?" Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican who is staunchly supportive of Trump, asked in a Thursday morning tweet.

    Newsmax — September 9, 2021

    Rep. Matt Gaetz: McCarthy Must 'Stand Up To' Cheney, Kinzinger

    "Gaetz said McCarthy, R-Calif., must remove Cheney and Kinzinger from the committees that they serve on pursuant to their membership in the GOP House conference."

    Washington Examiner — September 8, 2021

    Conservative Republicans request private data on top Democrats in retaliation for Jan. 6 investigation

    "A number of right-wing legislators who are top supporters of former President Donald Trump, including Republican Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, requested telecom companies such as AT&T and Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Apple preserve private and confidential data on prominent Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, and members of "the Squad," the group of left-wing members of the House."  

    Business Insider — September 7, 2021

    Rep. Matt Gaetz says Trump will probably run for president because he ‘wants to throw punches as a combatant, not a heckler from the stands’

    Gaetz added that Trump, unlike other prospective 2024 candidates, has more flexibility in when he can announce because “the base is rightly loyal to him. And a good rule in politics is to be a candidate for as short a time as necessary.”

    Dawn McArdle, District Director
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