• Americans want to travel. How to be a part of their 'safe-cations'

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    July 14, 2020
    Americans want to travel. How to be a part of their 'safe-cations'
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    In January, when North Dakota's tourism department revealed its tagline for 2020, the coronavirus had barely registered in the U.S. But by summer, the slogan--"Follow your curiosity, not the crowds"--proved prescient. The avoid-the-crowd trip now has a name, too: the "safe-cation."

    Yes, summer travel in the U.S. is projected to fall at least 15 percent compared to last year--but that’s not nearly as large of a drop as one might expect. The reason: road trips, especially for socially distant camping, hiking, biking, and family-friendly outdoor excursions. At some mountain and rural vacation spots, like Jackson, Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, visitation is even approaching normal.

    If you happen to operate near one such area, you have an opportunity to gain foot-traffic over the next few months by beefing up your cleaning and distancing practices. After all, anyone who’s heading out to low-population areas is likely doing so specifically to avoid Covid-19 risk.

    And if you don’t, you still have a chance to seize on the trend: Many travelers feel safer vacationing closer to home this season, so adjust your marketing plan accordingly. Read our story to learn how to be a part of the great American safe-cation this summer.
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