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  • BREAKING NEWS: Reimagined Florida Gap Map Just Launched at F3!

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    October 24, 2022
    Florida Chamber Foundation Unveils Reimagined Florida Gap Map to Unite Business Leaders Around Addressing Inequality of Opportunity
    A First-in-the-Nation Interactive Tool Identifying Significant Equity Gaps in Poverty and Education
    TALLAHASSEE, FL (October 24, 2022)— Today, the Florida Chamber Foundation, in partnership with the Florida Prosperity Project Advisory Board and the Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project Advisory Board, launched the latest iteration of the Florida Gap Map in an innovative format that will forever change the way we address inequality of opportunity.
    “Currently, 773,801 (1 in 5) of Florida’s children are living in poverty and 53% of Florida’s third graders are reading at or above grade level,” said Florida Chamber Foundation President Mark Wilson. “Using the insights and analysis provided by the Florida Gap Map, Florida’s business leaders have the opportunity to radically change how we address systemic inequalities and ensure every child in Florida truly has an equal opportunity at earned success.”
    The Florida Chamber Foundation originally launched the Florida Gap Map in 2020. The latest version is an evolution of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s work to cut childhood poverty in half and improve early learning outcomes throughout Florida. Not only is it the nation’s first tool to identify concentrations of childhood poverty at the zip code level and third-grade reading proficiency at the school level, it now also takes the next step to identify the root cause challenges our children and families face each and every day.
    Users now have immediate access root cause metrics and analysis broken down at the zip code level for each of Florida’s 983 zip codes. A few examples include:
    ·        The percentage of three and four-year-olds enrolled in Pre-K programs
    ·        The monthly housing costs to homeowners and renters, and
    ·        The percentage of single-parent households
    By harnessing the power of the Florida Gap Map, business leaders, non-profit managers, and policymakers will be able to tailor efforts to ensure specific resources are deployed to match the unique challenges in each of Florida’s 983 zip codes.
    “The new Gap Map changes the game for America,” said Florida Chamber Foundation Senior Vice President of Equality of Opportunity, Kyle Baltuch. “When city councils, county commissions, local chambers of commerce, United Ways, Boys and Girls Clubs, local school boards, and others address challenges with the same information and understanding, we can effectively align philanthropic business and government resources around localized solutions,  enabling long-term, sustainable prosperity in zip codes where it otherwise wouldn’t occur.”
    The Florida Gap Map, a project supported by in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, shows where the important work of the Florida Prosperity Project and the Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project intersect. To learn more about the Florida Gap Map, how your organization can effectively use this tool to effect change in your community, or to set up a custom demonstration, please email us at FloridaGapMap@flchamber.com.



    The Florida Chamber Foundation would like to acknowledge the following Florida leaders and companies who serve on our advisory boards and contributed thought leadership behind the reimagined Florida Gap Map. None of this would have been possible without their time, expertise, and financial support. 
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