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    September 22, 2021
    Help Make Safety a Core Value in Florida's Construction Industry
    Join Our Campaign and Help Make Safety a Core Value in
    Florida's Construction Industry 
    The Florida Chamber Safety Council has officially launched the Safety Means Success Campaign - a video series focused on making safety and training a core value in the workplace. Our first series is dedicated to Construction Safety.
    From 2011-2018, Florida ranked 34th in the nation with nearly 28% of Florida's 1,950 workplace fatalities occurring in construction alone. The purpose of this campaign is to educate employers and employees on workplace safety and to further our mission to make Florida the safest, healthiest and most sustainable state in America.
    Please join the campaign and help us to share the message of #SafetyMeansSuccess with the first series of our video campaign - Construction Safety.
    There are two separate showcases: one presents construction safety from the employer's perspective, and the second showcase presents construction safety from the employee's perspective. There are three cuts of each video: a full version, a 30-second version, and a 15-second version. All versions are available in English and Spanish. For the best quality, download the videos to your computer to embed directly to a PowerPoint or to post on social media platforms.
    Construction Safety - Full (English)
    Employer: These construction safety videos are for employers, managers and supervisors.
    View Full Employer Showcase
    Construction Safety - Full (English)
    Employee: These construction safety videos are for safety professionals and employees.
    View Full Employee Showcase
    We have created the Safety Means Success Partner Toolkit for this first series on Construction Safety to share with Florida business leaders like you and to provide multiple ways for you to share the Safety Means Success message and these videos within your team and with your partners and stakeholders.
    The toolkit includes:
    • An introduction to the campaign
    • Links to each video showcase
    • Directions on ways to use these videos
    • Suggested email copy for your partners and customers
    • Suggested Social Media copy for your channels.
    Download Marketing Toolkit Here
    If you have any questions or would like additional information or resources please contact, Daniel Daglis at ddaglis@flchamber.com.
    Florida Chamber Safety Council