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  • Doctor's Orders from White-Wilson Medical Center - 03/17/2023

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    March 17, 2023
    In this, the Spring edition of Doctor's Orders, you will learn how to manage a little one's runny nose, identify the signs of stress in seniors, discover the importance of self-care and think twice before reaching for ice to relieve the sting of a burn. You will also discover some delicious, healthy recipes and be introduced to the newest health care providers who have recently joined our team!
    Snotty noses are a common part of childhood, but what does it mean and when should a parent react? In this video, Dr. Dale Volquartsen will share with us what we can learn from sticky and slippery snot and what it says about your child's health.
    Dr. Dale Volquartsen is board-certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a pediatrician at White-Wilson DeFuniak Springs. Learn more about Dr. Volquartsen here.
    A Senior's Guide to Managing Stress
    Feeling stress is common for everyone, but undergoing too much can be overwhelming, especially for seniors. This is why it is essential to understand common causes of stress as well as how it affects the body and how it can be managed. 
    Learn more
    Women's Wellness: The Importance of Self-Care
    For many women in their 20s, 30s and 40s, life is very demanding. Between working, caring for children and older family members and tending to household needs, there seems to be little time for much else. When you are always focused on helping others, it quickly becomes easy to neglect your personal well-being. 
    Learn more
    Myth Busters: Ice a Burn
    Immediately after getting a minor burn, you'll be looking for the best remedy for tending to your red and stinging skin. This may leave you wondering, "Is it okay to ice a burn?" Shawn Lee, APRN helps guide you through the necessary steps to treat your injury while explaining whether or not this common myth is true.
    Bust the myth
    Meet Dr. Karen Hoffman, General Practitioner Woman of the Year
    Karen Hoffman, DO is an Internal Medicine doctor caring for patients at White-Wilson Medical Center in Niceville. She is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons and was recently named 2023 General Practitioner Woman of the Year (WOTY).
    Dr. Hoffman specializes in adult primary care and diagnosing and managing chronic illnesses and diseases. She has a special interest in women's health, including providing annual well woman exams and cervical exams. Dr. Hoffman enjoys Internal Medicine as it allows her to create close relationships with her patients and take a more informed approach with their health care.
    Dr. Hoffman is accepting new patient in Niceville, and you can learn more or schedule your appointment anytime here.
    Jennifer Bendokas, APRN
    Otolaryngology (ENT),
    Fort Walton Beach
    Jennifer Bendokas, APRN is a registered nurse practitioner working alongside Dr. William Gross at the White-Wilson Otolaryngology (ENT) clinic. APRN Bendokas is passionate in helping patients address sinus and allergy issues and guiding them with education by implementing a treatment plan that will be effective at bringing comfort during their health journey.
    Learn more about APRN Bendokas' approach to patient care here.
    Pamela Lee, APRN
    Internal Medicine, Destin
    Pamela Lee, APRN is a registered nurse practitioner providing quality care for patients in Destin. With her friendly and empathic nature, APRN Lee helps patients manage complex health issues and works to help them prevent future complications as they age.
    Learn more about APRN Lee's approach to patient care here.
    Shawn Lee, APRN
    Immediate Care
    Shawn Lee, APRN is a registered nurse practitioner at White-Wilson Immediate Care. APRN Lee is a compassionate caregiver available for timely treatment of urgent illnesses. She believes that good communication and thorough understanding of treatment plans is key to healing. 
    Learn more about APRN Lee's approach to patient care here.
    Whether as a meal or snack, this dish is a terrific addition to a balanced diet as it is high in vitamins and protein, and it only takes three ingredients to make.
    Cabbage promotes good health which can help lower high blood pressure and maintain a healthy digestive system. Add this delicious recipe as a side to any meal.
    This sweet, refreshing seasonal salad packs big flavor and big health benefits since it is high in vitamins and fiber and only takes 10 minutes to prepare.
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