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  • Drive growth and generate revenue in the new year with these tips

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    December 28, 2022
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    Resources & Tips
    Get tips for taking your business to the next level in the new year.
    Make 2023 the year of growth and opportunity
    Workplace trends, habits, and expectations have drastically shifted this year (and since the start of the pandemic, in general). As wants and needs continue to evolve, getting ahead of these changes can help your business succeed in the long run. Tap into these upcoming workplace trends to prepare early for continued growth in 2023. 
    Lean into a digital-first approach
    A digital-first approach can boost efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction in today's technology-driven business world. Here's how ensuring employees develop 'digital mindsets' no matter their role can help grow your business. 
    Investor? Check. Funding? Check.
    Securing an investor is a significant part of starting a business, as the right investor can provide the capital, opportunities, and connections that help build your brand. Check out this guide to find the best investor to help grow your business venture. 
    “Generally, I think that the work around values and employer brand and purpose needs to be done with the people [who] are leading the company. And if you don’t, if you create it by even the most benevolent, enlightened committee, it doesn’t work.”
    — Axle Davids, founder of branding agency Distility, describes in detail how authenticity and genuine company values can form an employer brand that increases recruitment.
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    Give your business the gift of data security
    Cybercrime is on the rise for small businesses, but there are several simple ways you can protect your company’s data to avoid the cost and danger of a security breach. Learn about four easy-to-deploy strategies to protect your business’s data — including tips on setting up multi-factor authentication and password management systems — in this guide from the experts at Dashlane.
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    The percentage of consumers who say they are likely to write a positive review of a company after a good experience. Improving customer retention is just one of several ways to ensure your business is in good standing in case of an economic downturn. Track these key performance indicators to prepare your company for a possible recession.
    Businesses regularly try new ways to keep driving revenue, but sometimes entrepreneurs need to get creative to stay afloat. When faced with decreasing revenue, utilize these four innovative strategies to come out stronger than ever.
    That’s the average valuation for a company in the seed funding stage — the first official round of funding a new company will undertake — as of 2020. Understand the process of seeking investors and finding adequate funding for your business using this overview of investment funding rounds.
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    Get the executive coaching you need — at a great price
    Personal growth in any leadership position requires hard work and commitment. The coaches at Sharpist can help you find and develop the skills required to lead through times of uncertainty. And with this exclusive offer for CO— readers, you can save hundreds on world-class executive coaching when you sign up before December 31. Learn more and schedule your free demo at the link below.
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    Small Business Spotlight
    Learn more about April Harris, founder of NJ-based Keeping You Sweet.
    Phillip Hall, co-founder of Panoramic Learning Academy
    From the beginning, Phillip Hall and his aunt, Renee McGhee, wanted to create a safe place for young children to learn, grow, and prepare for the future. Thus Panoramic Learning Academy (PLA) was born with a clear goal: to educate children and families academically, socially, psychologically, nutritionally, and physically. Though small, the Berkeley, California-based program has big plans for growth and development in the near future.
    Learn more about how Panoramic Learning Academy inspires the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs on CO–.
    Have a safe and happy holiday!
    • To support innovation within the blockchain industry, Casper Accelerate Grant Program is providing $25 million in grants for entrepreneurs who want to build apps to support infrastructure, end-user applications, and research innovation. Applications are on a rolling basis. 
    • The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program is a stimulus program established by the CARES Act to help businesses that were able to retain employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses may be eligible for up to $26,000 per employee. Applications are ongoing.
    • The Legal Services for Homeless Veterans Grant helps eligible homeless veterans or those at risk of becoming homeless cover legal services required to help find stable housing. With an award ceiling of $150,000, this grant program can help pay for any legal services necessary. Applications close December 30
    • The DoorDash Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund aims to help businesses that have been impacted by devastating natural disasters over the last few years. To help mitigate losses, DoorDash has partnered with Hello Alice to offer qualifying restaurants $10,000 in relief grants following a natural disaster. Applications are open until December 30.
    • The Entreprenista 100 inaugural awards celebrates and recognizes women entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business. Winners will receive recognition in the form of shoutouts on social media channels, features in Entreprenista’s newsletters and website, and a digital badge. The top three winners will also receive $1,000 to reinvest in their businesses. Applications are due December 31.
    • The Hello Alice Small Business Growth Fund is back with its fourth round of providing the necessary capital entrepreneurs need to grow and move their businesses forward. Four small business owners will be awarded $25,000 grants to help them start off the new year on the right foot. Applications close January 6.
    • More grant & program information can be found here.