• Fighting to keep employees during the Great Resignation?

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    October 08, 2021
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    Fighting to keep employees during the Great Resignation?
    Keep reading for ideas from Quint Studer on how to retain your people!
    If you missed Quint's blog article from this week, it's a good (and very relevant) one.
    The key to retaining talent is to give employees a clear path for growth and development.
    How? Here are a few ways you can start:
    1. Make training a priorityIt's critical to set time aside for leaders and employees to enhance or learn new skills.
    2. Discuss what a clear path looks likeX skills/responsibilities lead to X advancements and here's how we'll get you there.
    3. Help employees assess what motivates themtry using our motivation currency tool!
    4. Individualize development to the person — At your next meeting, ask “What do you want to be better at?”
    In addition, SCI's Leader Certification program provides an excellent way to build out a transparent growth path for those interested in learning or improving management skills.
    Don't wait! Start building transparent development plans for your team TODAY for the 2022 year!
    Up Next: 3-Hour Specialty Training
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    The business world is getting more and more complex. Increasing demands, decreasing resources, burnout, bullying, and incivility have challenged business leaders now more than ever before.
    In this workshop, leaders will learn the tools, strategies, and gain the confidence to identify disruptive behaviors that undermine a culture of respect, set behavioral expectations with employees, and hold employees accountable for professional behavior.
    Participants will learn:
    1. How to recognize the difference between bullying, incivility, and someone just having a bad day.
    2. Proven tactics successful leaders use to address and eliminate disruptive behaviors.
    3. Practical strategies to cultivate a nurturing, supportive, and professional work environment.
    After this workshop, business leaders will be equipped with the skills and tools they need to cultivate a culture of professionalism and respect by addressing any incidence of disruptive behaviors.
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