It’s Easter Sunday, and Easter 2020 will be unlike anyone alive today has ever experienced before, and hopefully ever will again. With humility and a thankful heart, on this holy day for many, I urge Floridians to pray that we heal the sick, comfort the heartbroken, give wisdom to our leaders and bless our front-line health care heroes. 
While we’re shortening today’s message, I promised to give you new numbers as we get them. Unfortunately, the numbers for today show that Florida now has 18,986 positive COVID-19 cases, that’s an increase of 1,018 over yesterday and we continue to see over 10% positive tests. We must continue to increase testing and we need to see these positive numbers begin to fall. We’ve now lost 446 Floridians to this virus, which is an increase of 27 lost lives over yesterday. As of late Saturday, 175,834 Floridians have been tested, which is an increase of 10,148 from the day before. As I’ve highlighted since before our statewide call with Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Rivkees, not all of Florida is experiencing the same spread. For example, nearly 60% of all the positive cases are in just three of our 67 counties - Dade, Broward and Palm Beach – even though only 38.9% of the testing has taken place there so far. While counties like Leon are experiencing a 5% positive rate, and Florida is at 10.8%, Miami-Dade is testing positive at approximately 18.6%, Broward at 12.1% and Palm Beach at 17.8%. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Prosperity Project is aware that many communities are experiencing high cases in their poorest zip codes, and our team is working to match needs with solutions. Regardless of the zip code or circumstance, we’re all Floridians and we’re all in this together. To see how many cases are in your county, click for our daily map.
There is no doubt we’re in one of the most unprecedented times in history, yet I believe that, as we unite business for good and provide short-term relief for so many, there will eventually be the renewed hope that comes from restarting our economy, recovering to pre-COVID-19 levels (albeit in different ways), and ultimately reimagining what the future of Florida will be. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through this together. 
Happy Easter.  
My Best,
Mark Wilson
President and CEO