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    April 01, 2022

    It’s Tax Season!

    Every time of year is the “busy season” for small business and entrepreneurs. You don’t have time to worry about taxes or put your operations on hold just because the next tax filing is due. Most of us didn’t go into business to become accounting and tax experts—we did.

    You should spend time doing what you are passionate about and let us help you with what we are good at: accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation and filing.

    Read the items below and if any of them make you break out in a cold sweet or you feel like your heart is racing a little, contact us. We love this stuff.

    • Resolving IRS Notices

    • Calculating and Filing Estimated Taxes

    • Dealing with deductions, especially things like mileage and a home office

    • Figuring out depreciation

    • Finding the right retirement plan for your business

    • Record keeping and data entry

    • Payroll processing and reporting

    • Preparing tax forms

    • Issues with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

    Every Month

    • Payroll Taxes

    • 401k or IRA Contribution Calculation

    • Florida Sales and Use Tax Return

    Every Quarter

    • Florida Reemployment Tax (Form RT-6)

    • Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax (Form 941)

    • Estimated Federal Taxes

    Every Year

    • Worker’s Compensation Audits

    • Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax (Form 940)

    • Federal Form 1096 and 1099s for all eligible vendors / contractors

    • Form W3 and W2s for every employee

    • US Income Tax Return for an S Corp (1120S) or Partnership (1065), Schedule K1 and depreciation schedules


    Would you rather be out fishing, or selling to your next big client instead of worrying about the above? Please contact us today!

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    andrew@hudsonpeden.com, (850) 865-1343