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  • Medicaid Transportation for COVID-19 Vaccinations

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    March 12, 2021
    Medicaid Transportation for COVID-19 Vaccinations

    Schedule your vaccine.
    • Schedule a vaccine appointment. Make this appointment several days in advance.
    • If you have any special needs (i.e. you use a wheelchair), tell the transportation service
    when you schedule your ride.
    • If you know when and where you will receive the second dose, share that with the
    transportation provider and they will schedule your next trip.
    • Individuals eligible to receive the vaccine may visit myvaccine.fl.gov to find a
    location distributing the vaccine and to schedule an appointment.

    Follow these steps to schedule a ride.
    1. If you are in a health plan, call your plan provider to get the name and telephone
    number for your transportation service.
    2. If you are not in a health plan, call 1-877-254-1055. You will be connected with a
    transportation service.
    3. Schedule your transportation at least three business days before your appointment.
    4. Provide the following information to the transportation service:
    • Full name
    • Medicaid Identification Number
    • Address (pick-up and drop off locations)
    • Date of birth
    • Name of health plan (if you are enrolled in a plan)
    • Date and time of the appointment
    • Phone number

    Do you need a ride to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

    Do you have Medicaid? If yes, we can help!

    Florida Medicaid will take you to get the COVID-19 vaccine at no cost. All you need to
    do is set up a time to get your vaccine. Next, let your Medicaid plan know you need a
    ride and they will take care of the rest. If you are not enrolled in a plan, call the
    Medicaid Helpline at 1-877-254-1055 to find out the name and phone number for
    a transportation service.
    • The transportation provider may ask questions to make
    sure they send a vehicle that meets your needs.
    • You may have someone travel with you if it is medically
    • Be sure to call the transportation service if your
    appointment is canceled or changed to a different time.

    Be Aware.

    Contact your Medicaid plan or call the Medicaid Helpline at 1-877-254-1055 for more information.