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  • News Release: 1/15/2021

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    January 15, 2021

    Dear Friends,

    SAFER Santa Rosa is currently working on Long Term Recovery from Hurricane Sally. The challenges we face are the same ones we have seen before. WE NEED FUNDING.

    Following the 2014 floods we proposed a system to generate funds by simply asking for local organizations to commit a monthly amount for the SAFER Disaster relief fund. We know that if 2,000 organizations contribute $10 a month we would have $20,000 in a month and $240,000. in a year. if this had happened after the 2014 flood we would have $1,440,000. available to help immediately with our recovery needs today in Santa Rosa County instead of waiting and hoping strangers from other places with their own rules will come and save us. We really want and need to change that situation.

    Support Alliance For Emergency Readiness (SAFER) is the successor of the Santa Rosa Long Term Recovery Organization which developed after Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis. During periods when there are no disasters, SAFER attempts to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the community.

    Our vison is to create the most resilient community possible to safeguard our way of life. SAFER is a humanitarian association of independent organizations active in all phases of disaster. We are a network of NGO organizations active in disaster where each member organization maintains their own identity and independence while closely collaborating with other SAFER member organizations.

    In the past year SAFER has assisted disabled elderly residents with new handicap ramps for their homes, and provided case management, in-kind, and monetary resources for the families displaced from their homes due to the five-mile swamp forest fires. We are currently developing case management training for volunteers to assist with the long-term recovery efforts from Hurricane Sally.

    Every week we are approached to help someone in our community, but without your support we cannot often assist. So PLEASE make the requested commitment to donate $10 or more each month to help keep Santa Rosa County a thriving and resilient community that we can all depend upon in times of need. You and your organization can be proud to be a part of SAFER Santa Rosa. Talk to your board, your employer, your employees, your church, your club, your family, and start supporting SAFER Santa Rosa today!

     will continue to try and raise money for Long Term Recovery. SAFER has applied for a $50,000 grant through the United Way


    Daniel Hahn



    Daniel Hahn, Emergency Management Plans Chief
    Hahnd@santarosa.k12.fl.us, (850) 983-5360