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  • District 3 Rep. Jayer Williamson March 2020 Newsletter

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    March 20, 2020
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    | MARCH 2020 |
    An Unprecedented Time: Prepare, Don't Panic
    Now, more than ever, it's imperative that we prepare as best we can but that we don't panic. One way to do that is to be sure you are accessing and sharing information from credible sources. Below you will find several sites with accurate information from state government, which your tax dollars help support.
    Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard
    Florida Department of Education Latest News Webpage
    Florida Disaster / Business Recovery
    Update on Rep. Williamson's Bills
    HB747: Coverage for Air Ambulance Services
    This bill was passed unanimously by both chambers. It is now enrolled and headed to the Governor's desk. This legislation requires health insurers & health maintenance organizations to provide reasonable reimbursement to air ambulance services for certain covered services and sets guidelines specific to those reimbursements.
    HB821: Public Records & Meeting/IT Security Info
    This bill was passed unanimously by both chambers. It is now enrolled and headed to the Governor's desk. This bill provides exemptions from public records requirements for portions of records held by state agencies that contain sensitive IT-related infrastructure details and a corresponding public necessity statement.
    HB593/SB936: Disability Retirement Benefits
    Both bills (identical) passed unanimously in both chambers with SB936 enrolled and now headed to the Governor's desk. This bill allows members receiving care at a VA facility to use the certification given by the facilities' physicians as proof of total and permanent disability, which reduces the time it takes to receive their benefits.
    HB1189: Genetic Information for Insurance Purposes
    This bill passed both chambers and is headed to the Governor's desk. Filed by Speaker Designate Chris Sprowls, Rep. Williamson was the prime co-sponsor on this ground breaking legislation that prohibits life insurers/long-term care insurers from canceling, limiting, or denying coverage, or establishing differentials in premium rates based on genetic information obtained during testing.
    District 3 Appropriations in Budget
    Representative Williamson filed a variety of Appropriations Projects that are included in the General Appropriations Act. The GAA was passed unanimously on Thursday, March 20 by the House. The Senate also passed its version unanimously as well.
    Below are a list of those projects, along with additional funding, that will impact District 3. These projects will now be reviewed by the Governor's office for inclusion in his final budget.
    The following projects were filed by Rep. Williamson:
    • PSC Trucking Workforce Development - $500,000
    • Pea Ridge Connector - $750,000
    • Milton North Santa Rosa Regional Water Reclamation Facility - $500,000
    • Town of Jay Roadway Improvements - $300,000
    • Town of Jay Bray Hendricks Park Master Plan - $300,000
    • Santa Rosa County Santa Monica Street Paving - $100,000
    The following projects were filed by other member's of the House on behalf of Rep. Williamson for District 3:
    • Holley-Navarre Fire District - $500,000
    • Navarre Beach Pierce Saber Fire Pumper - $500,000
    • Holt Volunteer Fire Station Replacement - $813,000
    The following projects were filed by other member's of the House that will impact District 3:
    • Crestview Public Safety Training Facility - $500,000
    • Ocean City - Wright Fire Control District Education/Training Facility and Station - $500,000
    WEEK 8 Page:
    Ryleigh Diamond
    (Jay High School)
    WEEK 9 Messenger:
    Jackson Gambrell
    (Milton High School)
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    Anderson Parker
    (Holley-Navarre Middle School)
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    Fisher Kariher
    (Gulf Breeze Middle School)
    April Constituent Service Days
    In light of following social distancing guidelines from federal and state officials we are cancelling Constituent Service Days in Central and South Santa Rosa County as well as North Okaloosa County for April.
    Jayer Williamson, State Representative
    ashley.jeffrey@myfloridahouse.gov, (850) 995-3698