• Post-pandemic trends to achieve small business success

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    July 15, 2022
    + Jumpstart your funding journey with new grants opportunities
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    Get tips for boosting productivity and efficiency with a 'digital mindset'.
    A mindset for the 21st century
    A digital-first approach can boost efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction in today's technology-driven business world. Here's how ensuring employees develop 'digital mindsets' no matter their role can help grow your business. 
    Unlock growth opportunities using these key trends
    Effectively market to today's consumers by understanding their movements and tapping into the latest trends. Uncover what experts consider to be major growth opportunities to take advantage of in the current marketplace.
    Green marketing for green businesses
    Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, opting to shop at socially responsible companies. Utilize these green marketing strategies for sustainable businesses to help both your sales and the planet.
    “Community is at our core. One of our biggest resources during [our] growth has been the support from people like TikTok, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, and other small businesses elevating our voices.”
    — Steven Romeo, owner of Music City Creative, describes the importance of using community as a resource and its impact on small businesses.
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    What do workers really want?
    Amid the Great Resignation, employers big and small are asking themselves how best to retain employees and bring on the brightest talent. One way to entice employees to join your small business team is by offering financial wellness programs similar to those typically offered at bigger companies, including 401(k) plans. Find out how to offer these attractive benefits without breaking the bank, and get tips on streamlining and automating your business’ 401(k) process.
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    That’s the percentage of consumers who say they want to support local businesses. Consider implementing these services to cater to employees working from home and ensure your local business operates smoothly.
    Today’s consumer favors sustainability when shopping for goods and services, so check out our list of nine terms (and when to use them) to make your business more eco-friendly.
    That’s how much the U.S. fashion segment of the resale economy is expected to grow this year. Rising prices and product shortages are fueling the ‘secondhand surge,’ and these digital tools are helping small businesses get in on the growth.
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    Small Businesses Can Do Big Things Through Online Networking
    Most small businesses don’t have the same access to global networks as their larger, multinational counterparts — but don’t let that perceived barrier to access limit your business’ growth. Find out how smaller companies can tap into global online networking to find new clients, raise money and get reliable solutions for all kinds of business priorities.
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    Thanks for applying for a Dream Big Award!
    Applications closed July 8.
    The 2022 Dream Big Awards application period has officially come to a close. Big thanks to the chambers of commerce and trade groups that encouraged submissions, and best of luck to all applicants! While this year’s entry period has ended, be on the lookout early next year for all things Dream Big Awards 2023. Watch this space for news about finalists and our annual award ceremony! 
    Learn more about the Small Business Readiness for Resiliency Program.
    • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and FedEx have teamed up to create the Small Business Readiness for Resiliency (R4R) Program, which helps small businesses put plans in place to prepare for disaster and provides immediate emergency funding when necessary. There will be more than 100 grants of $5,000 each, available to be distributed between now and June 2023. Application materials can be found here.
    • Small businesses that are minority- or women-owned are eligible for the Galaxy Grant, provided by Hidden Star. This grant aims to help support communities that may typically struggle to receive financial support from other institutions. Winners for this round will be announced on July 31
    • Hello Alice, in partnership with Tiger Global Impact Ventures, has announced the Accelerate(Her) Fund, created to support women entrepreneurs in the tech space. This new fund aims to give more women the opportunity to receive funding and promote a more inclusive future in tech, contributing up to $50,000. Applications close on August 5
    • The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and SHOWTIME have launched their third year of the “Queer to Stay” initiative, a program that supports and preserves small businesses that serve the LGBTQ+ community. Business owners with an LGBTQ+-serving business are invited to submit an application for funding using this form between now and August 31.
    • The First Peoples Fund annually honors and recognizes both Native artists and culture bearers throughout the country through the Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Awards. Each honoree chosen receives $25,000 to help fund and support their work for years to come. Nominator applications are due by July 22, and nominee applications are due by August 31
    • Does your small business need new equipment, a new marketing campaign, or product expansion? The EnrichHER small business grant will help your business get the funding you need. This program gives eligible entrepreneurs — especially women and people of color — and businesses $5,000 to help with smaller expenses. There is a $37 application fee, and this application round is rolling. 
    • More grant & program information can be found here.
    Consider becoming a small business member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
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