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  • Recycling program resumes Sept. 21 in Santa Rosa County

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    September 12, 2022
    Don't trash your recycling. Let's RETHINK what we RECYCLE and focus on recycling the basics at curbside. Focus on recycling clean cardboard and paper, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles and jugs. When in doubt throw it out! For a full list of recycling do's and don'ts, visit santarosa.fl.gov/recycling.

    Recycling program resumes Sept. 21 in

    Santa Rosa County

    Dependent on the reopening of ECUA's recycling facility


    Santa Rosa County will resume its recycling program Wed., Sept. 21, dependent on ECUA reopening their recycling facility on Mon., Sept. 26. To help ensure it is successful, county staff will be taking extra steps to ensure collected recyclables are not contaminated with non-recyclable garbage. Staff will visually inspect each load of recyclable materials to ensure it will be accepted by ECUA’s processing facility.


    WastePro (franchised waste hauler for the county) will resume its recycling program on Mon., Sept. 26. Residents who utilize non-franchised haulers are encouraged to reach out to them regarding any changes in their recycling program.


    "We realize people may have relaxed their recycling habits, so we are asking residents to get back to the basics of recycling by focusing on recycling cardboard and paper, aluminum and steel cans, and plastic bottles and jugs," said Michael Schmidt, environmental and public works director. “All items placed in the recycling bin must be clean and dry."


    Non-recyclable materials and garbage placed in recycling bins increase the cost of the recycling and jeopardizes the recycling program for the entire county. Ensuring a quality product is delivered to ECUA’s processing facility is critical to the success of recycling.


    Santa Rosa County residents are encouraged to get back to the basics and focus on ONLY placing the following items in their curbside recycling bin:


    • Clean and dry cardboard and paper
    • Empty, clean, and dry aluminum and steel cans (no pet food cans due to the plastic liner)
    • Empty, clean, and dry plastic bottles and jugs


    Materials such as plastic bags, cords, wires, hoses, clothing, Styrofoam and greasy pizza boxes are NOT recyclableDon’t put these items in the curbside recycling bins.


    Remember, when in doubt, throw it out! For more information and to check the full list of recycling do's and don'ts, visit: www.santarosa.fl.gov/recycling.



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