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  • Santa Rosa County adds new mobile radar speed signs to their fleet

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    October 04, 2022
    Santa Rosa County adds new mobile
    radar speed signs to their fleet
    The new signs allow Santa Rosa County to slow down traffic throughout the county
    The Santa Rosa County Road and Bridge Department has recently acquired new radar speed trailers that can be quickly deployed to any location within the county. Similar signs in other areas have been shown to reduce traffic speeds by as much as 9 mph, and Santa Rosa County hopes to see similar results.
    "We're excited to implement the new mobile radar speed trailers in the hopes that they will improve safety on our local roads," said Tom Collins, operation support manager in the public works department, "We will be able to move them to different locations throughout the county to target specific areas of concern."
    The radar speed trailer, a SAM model from Stalker Radar, can also track and store the speed and count of all vehicles passing the sign, so Santa Rosa County can better understand and address traffic patterns throughout the county, and can work with the sheriff’s office to more effectively deploy traffic enforcement officers exactly when and where they are needed the most.
    Find photos of the radars being deployed for the first time at the link below:
    Mobile Radar Speed Trailers
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