• The Fight Against a $15 Minimum Wage Mandate - Florida Chamber Webinar Next Week

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    October 09, 2020

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      Part 2 of Our 3-Part Webinars Series on Why Amendment 2 is Bad for Florida, and Even Worse Floridians



    Join us Wednesday, October 14 to get an update on our grassroots efforts and learn how to get involved­ we will be joined by special guests Rep. Mel Ponder, Erika Donalds, former Collier County School Board Member, and Dan Casey, a St. Pete Beach Restaurant Owner, for a webinar focused on the cost of living for seniors and families.


    Mark Wilson, President and CEO Welcome and Political Update
    Dr. Jerry Parrish, Chief Economist Economic Forecast for Families and Seniors
    Rep. Mel Ponder Thoughts from a Legislator
    Erika Donalds, former Collier School Board Member The Effect on Families
    Dan Casey, St. Pete Beach Restaurant Owner The Impact on Local Business
    Who: Open registration – use the link above to register
    What: Florida Chamber hosts Amendment 2 Webinar – the cost of living for seniors and families
    Where: Virtual Event
    When: Wednesday, October 14 from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    With less than 30 days until Florida’s General Election, the Florida Chamber of Commerce remains fiercely engaged in our education efforts against Amendment 2, but we still need your help. After months of the Amendment polling in the mid 60’s, a poll released yesterday, conducted by the University of North Florida, shows support for Amendment 2 has dropped to a 60% approval, the minimum amount of support needed for the Amendment to be passed. If true, this means support is dropping and our collective efforts are working.
    As more voters become aware of the negative impacts Amendment 2 would have on Florida’s economy, The Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board recently published a strong opinion recommending a NO vote on ballot Amendment 2 stating, “Raising the base wage by so much so quickly will increase costs for businesses. In turn, prices will rise, shifting some burden onto regular Floridians. The ones struggling to make ends meet — even with a $15 minimum wage — will feel more of the pinch. So will unskilled workers who lose their jobs when businesses cut expenses to make up for the higher cost of wages.” The Naples Daily News Editorial Board added their opposition by saying, “With Florida businesses reeling from the effects of COVID-19 related shutdowns and a public still wary about venturing out, we simply can’t endorse imposing higher costs on them now.”
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