• Show Your Support for Locally Owned Businesses on Amazon Prime Day!

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    July 11, 2022

    The Navarre Chamber encourages everyone to get out and shop local for Amazon Prime Day.

    If you are a Chamber Member, we invite you to post a PRIME DEAL (aka Hot Deal) on www.NavarreChamber.com and that will automatically be shared on the Chamber’s Facebook Page.

    CLICK HERE to post your PRIME DEAL now.

    If you are a non-profit, make sure your organization is signed up for Amazon Smile so when people do shop on Amazon, they can select your non-profit for Amazon to give back a small percentage to. CLICK

    CLICK HERE to go to Amazon Smile.

    Search to see if your favorite non-profit is registered on Amazon Smile:


    Here are some ways to show your support for locally owned businesses for Amazon Prime Day and Every Day:

    Use Amazon Prime Day to give your favorite small businesses some extra love and exposure!  Take a picture, share what you found and purchased here in the Navarre area and post it on the Chamber’s Facebook Page.

    And, if you’re going to spend some time priming do it with a locally brewed coffee in one hand and a locally baked cookie in the other!

    We all know people are shopping Prime, but we challenge everyone to make a purchase at restaurant or retail, book a service or donate to a nonprofit on Prime day.

    Visit: www.NavarreChamber.com/HotDeals and see what’s new! We are inviting all our Chamber Members to add their own “PRIME DAY SPECIAL” so check back often for updates!

    Even if you shift 20 or even 10 percent of your shopping to local, you’re going to make a significant impact on that business.

    The Chamber’s website can be a good resource to find locally owned businesses to support today and every day.

    And, when you support locally owned businesses, your money is returned to our local economy.

    But you don’t always have to spend money to show your support.

    Here are some ways you can help the hardworking business owners in our community every day of the year.

    Spread the word
    Don’t just shop local—tell your family and friends, too. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising.

    Engage with small businesses on social media
    Each time you post about a local business or share its posts, you’re helping to bolster its social media presence, which can lead to more followers, likes, shares, and—most important—sales for that small business.

    Attend events hosted in your neighborhood
    Farmers markets, expos, and fundraising events all offer the opportunity to connect with local vendors and learn more about the businesses in our community. Many businesses also hold their own events.

    Review your experience
    Reviews are really important, but a shout-out to a small business is just as important.

    Cut small retailers and restaurants a break
    Many small businesses are facing the backlash from what some call “the Amazon effect.” Shoppers have come to expect speed and convenience from their shopping experiences, and most small businesses can’t keep up.

    Most small businesses cannot offer free shipping or returns, and many are still struggling to recover from pandemic-related staffing issues, which can slow down business.

    Please show patience and don’t write a nasty review because you had to wait a while or if prices have increased at a restaurant.

    Shop online platforms that connect you with small businesses
    There are several platforms available that can connect you with small businesses in our community, including The Navarre Chamber.

    Some of our local businesses sell on Amazon. Maybe even ones you are unaware even exist.

    Chanda Ryan, President/CEO
    Chanda.Ryan@NavarreChamber.com, (850) 939-3267