• Stay At Home Order Issued For State of Florida

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    April 01, 2020
    Governor Desantis issued a statewide stay at home order earlier today.  The order will take effect Friday morning. The order limits non-essential movement of citizens and requires closure of non-essential businesses.

    Unlike the prior order issued by the Governor for some South Florida counties, this order reserves to the state the authority to determine what is considered essential.

    However, it does still appear to allow local governments to make further declarations as to businesses that are not essential in our local community. And, we hope to be receiving those details soon and will forward them on to you.
    The order indicates that the following are deemed essential activities for citizens:
    • providing or procuring essential goods or services
    • attending religious services
    • participating in recreational activities (ie: exercise)
    • taking care of pets
    • providing for or assisting loved ones or friends
    For business owners or managers, trying to determine which side of the line your business falls on and for those of you who just want to be fully informed, here is a link to the entire Order
    It is a little tricky to determine what the guidance for businesses is as the Order incorporates both a guidance document issued by homeland security and an order issued out of Miami-Dade County, together with several amendments to that Miami-Dade order. Some industries are included in both but others are only on one or the other. It sounds like if your industry appears on either list then you are deemed essential.  Hopefully, when we receive details from our local government it will be more clear.
    Chanda Ryan, Executive Director
    Chanda.Ryan@navarrechamber.com, (850) 939-3267