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  • Tackle end-of-the-year fatigue with these motivation tips

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    December 09, 2022
    + Everything you need to know about small business certifications.
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    Resources & Tips
    Get tips for effectively structuring your PTO policy so that your employees (and your business) flourish.
    Revitalize your work-from-home team
    While many love the flexibility that comes with working from home, the popular work model can also bring about feelings of loneliness, distractions, and a lack of focus. If your team is in need of some pep, here’s how to motivate remote employees and keep them on track.
    Transparency is the key to great leadership
    The leadership styles of CEOs and business owners may differ in several ways, but the most common quality these leaders employ when managing a team is transparency. Understand the importance of being a transparent leader and how to make the most of this quality to lead a team effectively. 
    E-commerce shipping made simple
    E-commerce software brings convenience and ease to the product shipping process. The right platform can even meet demand as your business grows, but companies must first find the software solutions that check the most boxes for their needs. Check out these tips to find the e-commerce shipping software to improve operations at your business. 
    “I had no idea how to do anything when it [came] to bookkeeping and how to do things like figure out … how much cash to have in the register. Those are the things I just had to ask other business owners [who were] willing to help me out.”
    — Deanna Taylor-Heacock, owner of Good Bottle refill shop, emphasizes the importance of relying on your network of entrepreneurs to make informed choices as a new business owner.
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    Get the executive coaching you need — at a great price
    Personal growth in any leadership position requires hard work and commitment. The coaches at Sharpist can help you find and develop the skills required to lead through times of uncertainty. And with this exclusive offer for CO— readers, you can save hundreds on world-class executive coaching when you sign up before December 31. Learn more and schedule your free demo at the link below.
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    According to marketing agencies, it may be a good strategy to send out daily marketing emails if your email list contains this many subscribers. Finding the balance between sending too many and too few emails can be tricky, but timing is vital to drive sales. Here’s how to plan a drip email campaign to attain the highest engagement for your brand. 
    The percentage of offline sales from shoppers visiting an in-store location. Despite living in a predominantly digital world, it is still feasible for small business owners to drive traffic and increase brand awareness with a brick-and-mortar store. When location-scouting an in-person space, evaluate these factors before you set up shop.
    The percentage of employees that work remotely as of 2022. As the post-pandemic trend becomes increasingly common, initiatives like company retreats can help keep your team engaged. Avoid these mistakes when planning your next company retreat to establish meaningful bonds that allow your business to run smoothly.
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    Attract & retain top talent at your business with a 401(k) plan
    Offering a retirement plan does more than just prepare you and your employees for a secure financial future – it can also help you attract and retain top talent. Fidelity’s new 401(k) plan designed for small businesses like yours has simple plan choices and fewer administrative burdens, so you can spend less time managing a 401(k) and more time focusing on running your business.
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    Learn more about floral distribution and wellness company Postal Petals.
    Talia Boone, founder of Postal Petals
    When regulations were strict and people were isolated because of the pandemic, entrepreneur Talia Boone found her sanctuary in flowers. During this time, she quickly uncovered the many obstacles wholesale florists faced. Fast forward two months, Boone had put together a business plan for her new company, Postal Petals, described as a “multi-touchpoint self-care and wellness company” that works with domestic flower farms to distribute bundles of fresh-cut flowers. For Boone and many of her customers, this is the ultimate form of creative expression and relaxation — something she feels very strongly about prioritizing as an entrepreneur. 
    Learn more about Postal Petals and Boone’s entrepreneurial journey on CO–.
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    • The Nextdoor Kind Foundation’s Keep it Local Business Fund, in partnership with the NAACP and Hello Alice, offers microgrants for minority-owned small businesses. Selected businesses will receive a $5,000 grant and access to training designed to help their small business succeed. Applications are open until December 16.
    • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)’s VEO Community Catalyst Award (VEOCC) will award two organizations/teams $100,000 for their achievement in creating community-based solutions to increase access to VA and non-VA services for veterans, their families, caregivers, and/or survivors. Applications close December 16.
    • The DoorDash Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund aims to help businesses that have been impacted by devastating natural disasters over the last few years. To help mitigate losses, DoorDash has partnered with Hello Alice to offer qualifying restaurants $10,000 in relief grants following a natural disaster. Applications are open until December 30.
    • The Entreprenista 100 inaugural awards celebrates and recognizes women entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business. Winners will receive recognition in the form of shoutouts on social media channels, features in Entreprenista’s newsletters and website, and a digital badge. The top three winners will also receive $1,000 to reinvest in their businesses. Applications are due December 31.
    • The Hello Alice Small Business Growth Fund is back with its fourth round of providing the necessary capital entrepreneurs need to grow and move their businesses forward. Four small business owners will be awarded $25,000 grants to help them start off the new year on the right foot. Applications close January 6.
    • More grant & program information can be found here.
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