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  • The Big Week for Small Business: Day 1 Recap & Resources

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    October 22, 2021
    Thank you for joining us for Day 1 of The Big Week for Small Business! Below, you’ll find a recap of the day’s keynote conversations, interactive workshops and links to more resources to help your small business survive and thrive. We’ll see you tomorrow at noon ET for another awesome day of small business insights!                               
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    Hear insights from today's small business panel discussion.
    The many faces of small business growth
    Innovative pricing models, social media influencer strategies, creative (and time-saving) hiring processes — there’s not one right way to grow your business. But hearing some of the brilliant methods that other business owners have used to grow may inspire you to try out something new. Three business owners from different areas of the country joined us this afternoon to share their growth stories and talk about certain trends that are helping (or hurting) business owners who are trying to scale up right now. Review their insights here

    “When local businesses thrive, neighborhoods thrive.”

    The key to this California-based tech company’s growth? Postcards. Our conversation with Nextdoor co-founder Prakash Janakiraman was full of fascinating, back-to-basics insights like this one. Though the social networking app for neighborhoods has since moved on from dropping postcards in the mail, Nextdoor’s ethos is still the same: It’s all about connecting people. Hear what Janakiraman had to say about how that mission ties into overall business strategy, and how Nextdoor can help business owners connect with more customers in their local areas.
    “Every morning I ask myself ‘Am I a cow, or am I a buffalo?’ I always feel like a cow, but I choose to run like a buffalo. So that’s my advice. Just keep running.”
    — Elena Ledoux, co-founder of Superb Maids, draws business inspiration from a Native American proverb that references buffalos' tendency to face adversity head-on.
    • The numbers don’t lie. Retaining employees is all about building deep, positive connections with people, there’s no doubt about that. But when it comes to improving employee retention, business owners should also be connecting the data points. Look at the numbers and insights you’ve collected around hiring, firing, employee sentiment, turnover rates for specific roles, job performance, etc. (as well as industry benchmarks), and let that data guide your overarching hiring and management strategies. — Christel Slaughter, CEO of SSA Consultants
    • Shred it and forget it. If you’re not sure if papers at your business display confidential customer information or sensitive information about your business, it’s better to shred them than to throw them in the trash. An added benefit of a “shred everything” policy? Many shredding services, like those provided by Iron Mountain, recycle their shredded paper — so disposing of your documents in this way is also a way to help the environment. — John Bagli, Channel Sales Manager Strategic Partnerships, Iron Mountain
    • Test. Learn. Evolve. Sometimes your best efforts are rewarded and sometimes… they’re not. Even if a particular part of your marketing initiative isn’t successful, that doesn’t mean you should consider the effort a failure. Instead, keep your marketing campaigns measurable (as much as possible), then look at which parts of your plan worked well and which can be improved upon for next time. — Simona Gerzon, Senior Director of Brand Activation at Staples U.S. Retail
    • Be intentional. The first question you should ask yourself when it comes to social media strategy is, “What is my brand?” You may be busy running your business, but taking time to really think about that question is critical. Your customers should understand, when they glance at your social media posts, what your business does and why your products or services are valuable. Once you have a good answer to what your brand is, be consistent (and focused) in sharing that message and mission with your social audience. — Angelina Darrisaw, CEO & Founder C-Suite Coach
    Watch Today's Workshop Recordings
    Chris Bossio opened his first barbershop in the Tampa area during the Great Recession. Now, his expanding business serves about 35K customers every week. One of the keys to his company's growth has been YouTube. Find out how Chris and other creators are using YouTube to gain customers and find employees, here
    The number of speakers at this year’s Big Week for Small Business! Join us tomorrow to hear more expert insights. You can add more workshops to your agenda here
    Stop by our virtual sponsor booths, full of resources for your small business, and drop a "business card" to at least three sponsors to win a $100 gift card. We'll award one winner on each day, so don't miss out!
    Navigating Small Business Policies and Programs
    tune in tomorrow at 12 PM ET
    We'll start off the second day of The Big Week for Small Business with discussions on the various resources that exist for small business owners, and the savvy ways you can make them work for you. Gain insights and hear ideas from the experts and from the highest levels of government.
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    • Resources & guides to get started on YouTube: Explore tips, tools and more to build your presence on YouTube and help your channel stand out, here.
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