• What Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Means for Your Business

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    February 25, 2022
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce


    Top Takeaways

    • The Chamber is helping companies track the fast-evolving situation surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
    • Protecting intellectual property drives economic prosperity, Chamber research finds. 
    • Raising the long-term capital gains tax to the rates proposed in the administration’s budget would cost Americans jobs and lower their wages.

    Developments That Matter

    Russia Invades Ukraine: What Businesses Need to Know

    Last night, Russia invaded Ukraine. This is a clear violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and a serious breach of international law.  
    Why it matters: For those in Ukraine, it is a direct threat to their freedom, their national identity, and their lives. 
    • And for businesses operating around the world, this is another cause of uncertainty amid an already fragile economic recovery.  
    Our take: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a serious breach of international law, a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and an affront to our steadfast belief in a world where democratic countries, following the rule of law and the free enterprise system, can be free and prosper,” said Chamber President and CEO Suzanne Clark. 
    • “The business community will continue to support the Administration, Congress, and our allies to ensure a swift and meaningful response to Russia’s aggression.” 
    What we’re doing: We are providing input to the administration and Congress and are helping American companies track the fast-evolving situation and the sanctions that are coming into effect. 
    Dig deeper:  
    • While the situation rapidly changes, the Chamber published a memo last week about possible sanctions on Russia and their commercial implications. 
    Looking ahead: The Chamber will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed about new sanctions and their implications for business. Visit uschamber.com and follow us on social media.  

    Top Of Mind

    Intellectual Property Drives Economic Prosperity

    What happened: Today, the Chamber’s Global Innovation Policy Center released the tenth edition of the International IP Index, Compete for Tomorrow. The report shows how intellectual property (IP) is a key driver of economic prosperity as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.  
    Why it matters: Innovators and creators are constantly competing to deliver a better, brighter tomorrow—from lifesaving medicines, groundbreaking creative works, to the connectivity that allows collaboration across vast distances. IP policies can spur these innovators and creators along or stop them altogether.  
    Key findings:  
    • The global IP environment has improved over the last decade, but challenges remain as many economies still receive low grades on their protection of intellectual property rights. 
    • New tools to combat infringement are leading to a decrease in online piracy.

      Over ten years, the global fight against fake goods hasn’t kept pace with the growth of counterfeits. 
    • While IP-intensive goods and services were critical to the global response to the pandemic, some economies have proposed weakening the IP protections responsible for COVID-related innovation. 
    –Kelly Anderson Executive Director, Health and Drug Policy, Global Innovation Policy Center 
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    Raising Capital Gains Taxes Will Cost Americans Jobs and Wages

    Today, the Chamber’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (CCMC) released a report with Ernst & Young analyzing the economic impacts of raising capital gains taxes. 
    Why it matters: Numerous proposals emanating from the White House and Congress have raised the idea of increasing long-term capital gains tax rates to raise revenue for increased spending.
    Key takeaways: Raising the long-term capital gains tax would: 
    • Reduce jobs by over 215,000 and wages by $20 billion 
    • Reduce U.S. GDP by $35 billion or 0.15% 
    • Lower investment in the U.S. by 0.58% 
    • Steer potential investors away from the U.S. to lower tax jurisdictions 
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    Chamber In Action

    • Sean Heather, senior vice president for international regulatory affairs and antitrust, argues why the FTC’s monetary toolkit should remained focused on actual harm to consumers.  
    • Harold Kim, president of the Institute for Legal Reform, in an op-ed in Brussels Morning, urged the European Union to reign in third party litigation funding before it runs rampant. 


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