• We're proud to be the Navarre area's only independent professionally run Chamber of Commerce with an office located in the "Heart of Navarre" at 1804 Prado Street.  

    As we have for almost 50 years, we remain focused on our mission: "To promote civic and economic prosperity throughout our community."


  • The Navarre Chamber Shop Small Christmas Crawl

    Beginning on Saturday, November 27 (Small Business Saturday), get ready to #ShopSmallBusiness in the Navarre Area!

    The 2021 Navarre Chamber Shop Small Christmas Crawl is a small business extravaganza lasting 19 days during the holiday shopping season. The Christmas Crawl will highlight the businesses, retail stores and restaurants in the Navarre Area.

    Participants will obtain an "Official Passport" to explore during the Christmas Crawl beginning on Saturday, November 27th (Small Business Saturday) and lasting until Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

    On Thursday, December 16, we will celebrate the 2021 Navarre Chamber Shop Small Christmas Crawl Finale with food, fun and prizes galore at The Navarre Chamber Information Center, 1804 Prado Street.

    Don't miss out on this great opportunity to showcase YOUR BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION and get some extra sales and brand awareness along the way! There are sponsorships available for every type of business/organization.

    See below to find out how you can get involved in the 2021 Navarre Chamber Shop Small Christmas Crawl.

    Presenting Sponsors: $500

    The Presenting Sponsors are truly the "STARS" of the Shop Small Christmas Crawl.

    Imagine showcasing your business to excited participants, celebrating their 20-day shopping extravaganza hoping to win one of the fabulous prizes, including a Grand Prize! The Presenting Sponsors are highlighted on all printed materials including the inside cover of the official Shop Small Christmas Crawl Passport.

    Supporting Partners $250

    The Supporting Partners are the businesses of the Navarre Area, this includes banks, real estate companies, property management offices, law firms and more. If you have an office space- this is the spot for you. Participants are required to stop at each of the Supporting Partners Business to receive a stamp in their passport so that they can qualify for a chance to win the Grand Prize. It is a great opportunity to welcome guests to your business with treats, promotional items, beverages etc. Supporting Partners have a full page dedicated to their business in the Passport and are listed on the Sponsor Board at the Shop Small Christmas Crawl Finale!

    Merchant Sponsors: $50 ($25 + $25 Gift Certificate)

    The Merchant Sponsors are the retail stores and restaurants of the Navarre Area. They will be listed in the passport with their information for attendees to visit during the Shop Small Christmas Crawl. The participants will receive raffle tickets for each $25 spent at a Merchant Sponsor location with proof of receipt. All receipts from November 27th to December 15th will be considered. This is a great way to bring in shoppers during the holiday season!

    Patron Sponsors: $50 valued Gift Baskets

    The Patron Sponsors are perfect for those who may not have a brick-and-mortar business, yet still, wish to show their presence in the community and support the Shop Small Christmas Crawl. Of course, ALL types of businesses are welcome to donate a gift basket as well. The Patron Sponsors will have the opportunity to present their $50 valued gift basket to a lucky participant winner at the Shop Small Christmas Crawl Finale!

    Contact: Chanda.Ryan@NavarreChamber.com

    BONUS: #FindBizzyTheElf!

    As an added piece of entertainment, #BizzyTheChamberElf may be hiding along the trail for participants to find during the Shop Small Christmas Crawl! Finders that "SHARE" a photo and "TAG" #NavarreChamber will gain an extra ticket to the Grand Prize!

    Sponsorships are available for all Chamber Members in good standing.
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